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əˌrōməˈTHerəpē/noun: 1. the use of aromatic
plant extracts & essential oils in massage or baths.

The Art: Passion & Mystery, History & Evolution, Biology & Botany, Communion with Plants, Intuition & Protocol, Aesthetic & Spiritual, Earth & Humanity

The Science: chemistry similar to gasoline, kerosene & paraffin. EO have a molecular size so small that some even cross the skin & blood-brain barriers. Their therapeutic value is achieved via many routes. 

Clinical Aromatherapy
Clinical aromatherapy is the use of essential oils (EO) for specific measurable outcomes at a physical or psychological level. The choice of EOs is based on research & chemistry, as these indicate the properties of the EO and thus the indications & best method of use (RJ Buckle & Associates).  As a clinical aromatherapist, these are my favorite resources:

  • doTERRA mutli-level marketing, supplements & sundries

  • Nature's Gift specialty EO, hydrosols, carriers/bases, floral waxes etc.

  • Nu Essence Kabbalistic/ Biblical aromatic expertise

  • Snow Lotus aromatherapy according to Chinese medicine theory

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