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Functional Medicine (FM) is noninvasive evaluation & drug-free care focused on optimal Function vs. Disease. Don't expect all healthcare providers to be aware of FM... Seek out local and world renowned experts & specialists such as Dr. Mensah MD (see video). Or search IFM, FMU & ASH  for "FM-certified" MDs, DCs, FNPs & DOMs near you for the benefits of it...

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Dr. Mensah MD on Treating the Root Causes of Anxiety & Depression

FM views the body as intelligent
 with the capacity to self-regulate & heal if gently prompted in the right directions and uses herbs & nutrients as High Pharmacy- Nutraceuticals!

It views Health as not just the absence of disease, but also a state of vitality or a sense of wellbeing in despite disease processes. 

FM modifies treatment according to environmental, psychosocial, genetic & biochemical uniqueness until improvement or cure is achieved. It unearths disharmonies that conventional medicine ignores, by using detailed symptom-sign "maps" of health & cutting-edge biochemical & genetic lab testing.

FM Lab Tests go above & beyond standard tests. Traditionally-trained Western doctors may not know the existence & usefulness of them. Even when they do, they still may be unaware of FM research-based treatment protocols. The tests are expensive- fortunately insurances are covering some FM lab tests because they understand the benefits of them.

FM takes more time with the patient, unraveling the complexity of the patient's presentation, then customizing evidence-based FM Wellness Protocols. FM requests that patient become attuned to subtle nuances within their own body- things they may never have noticed before are important in FM. The standard physical exam & lab tests are even interpreted differently "Within Normal Limits" is not necessarily so!

Example FM Lab Tests* & Wellness Protocols:

*Lab collection in office & home or at Any Lab Tests & Labcorps

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