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Intake Forms  black print for patients

Provide email address to receive access your EHR [SIMBUS HIPAA compliant]

Payment. cash/ check/ card/ VA benefits/ Cigna, NMHC, ASH, HSM (see below)

Cancel / Reschedule Via phone, TM, or GenBook.

flat fee mls

Affordable Acupuncture in New Mexico 
Low Cost Acupuncture, Free AcuDetox

Veterans Programs
No referral needed, never a co-pay, and enough appointments authorized per health compliant! Call us for help at 806-268-4894, or call the number on the back of the VA Choice Card, or see Scheduling Reference Guide, or Sign up for Veterans Choice. 

The PC3 / Patient-Centered Care program & VCP/ Veterans Choice Program enable Vets to receive acupuncture without a  referral if they live 40 miles or more from their nearest DVA clinic / hospital, or face one of several excessive travel burdens. The PC3 uses in-network providers. The VCP Program uses in-network & non-network providers. The VAP/ Veterans Affairs program is the standard DVA benefit requiring a referral. 

New Mexico Health Connections (NMHC) 
NMHC covers $1,500 of acupuncture annually [20 visit limit for 2017]. More is covered for rehabilitative purposes. Prior authorization is not required until after the 10th visit. Co-pay is $0 to $65 depending on plan [see Benefit Plan Summaries.]

Cigna & American Specialty Health (ASH)
We are a Cigna network provider. We will soon be credentialed by ASH, a managed-care entity enabling 50+ health insurances nationwide to cover Acupuncture. ASH's Performance Standards insure consistent high-quality outcomes from network acupuncturists who out performed National benchmarks for patient satisfaction in the last 2014 survey. There are 4 ASH Direct Access or Referral programs: ChooseHealthy, National Plan, Seamless Plan, and Providence Network Plan. LINK to find ASH acupuncturists (by state, town & specialty). Nominate  your acupuncturist to join the elite ASH team! 

Health Share Ministries (HSM)
We accept Liberty HSM, a faith-based health cost sharing  insurance. Federal Law 26 U.S.C. §5000A(d)(2)(B)(ii) requires US citizens to have either standard insurance or be a member of 1 of 4 HSMs (Samaritan, Christian Health Share MinistryChristian Care Ministry (MediShare),  or Liberty Healthshare. There is no open enrollment period- individuals & families sign up anytime! If on Medicare, you must have parts A & B. 

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)
Currently Medicaid does not cover acupuncture, and only Medicare Advantage (MA) plans offer benefits that may cover acupuncture- for example, Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage, and full-featured Medicare policies (e.g. retired state employees). In 2016, acupuncturists were granted a Standards of Occupation Code from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This allows for the inclusion of acupuncture in federal programs such as CMS. There have been no updates to CMS acupuncture benefits yet.

SuperBills are how patients submit claims themselves, and how insurance companies see what was done during office visits, and determine what to pay for or not. ExampleSuperBill1SuperBill2). Your acupuncturist provides the Superbill, keeping in mind that private insurances may limit benefits:
  • Limit the number of acupuncture visits per year
  • Limit the provider to a Western Medical Doctor vs. a Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Require prior approval
  • Require documentation of prior evaluation by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant
  • Require a request for "Restorative Therapy" with acupuncture if there has been failure of other therapies for the condition, 
  • Require documentation of treatment goals & expected outcomes 
  • Require documentation of results of treatment at set intervals of time
  • Here are  some benefit guidelines:  CignaAetnaUnited HealthHealthNet, Health Partners, BlueCross/ BlueShield (Anthem, Excellsus,  Regence), Insurance Laws in NM

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