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There are thousands of substances in the Chinese materia medica (plant, mineral, animal). These substances are safe & effective when prescribed by a qualified practitioner! Consult for the right herbs/ supplements for your constitution. Also consult before buying Chinese herbs/ formulas online to avoid purchasing the wrong product, products with unknown ingredients or detectable contaminants, poor customer service. SpiritSpring uses reputable herb sources & resources: 

Dr. Pony Cheng/River Herbs
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Chinese herbals come in a variety of forms: dried loose (raw) herbs, pills (patents), topical, teas, powders, tinctures etc. The form used depends on diagnosis, clinical judgment, convenience, and patient preference. Practicality is an issue when patient involvement is needed (e.g. cooking herbal teas themselves). The way herbs are prepared determines their potency, cost & efficacy.

"Patents" are commercial products that are mass produced [standardized], so they are inexpensive. Custom Chinese herbal formulas are created on an individual basis to make adjustments for one's unique constitution, presentation, medications etc. They require more herbal expertise, and are more expensive. Both are based upon ancient Chinese herbal formulas that have been used for thousands of years.

How Herbal Medicines are Prepared for Hospitalized Patients in China

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Age-old art & science of combining substances according to thermal nature, tropism, flavors, movements, &   action upon qi, jing, shen, blood & fluids. 



* FDA regulates herb quality not herbal therapies in the U.S.

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