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The body protects itself from injury, illness, surgery, and toxins by storing that which it cannot process and eliminate. The result is an accumulation of medications, inflammatory agents, cellular wastes, acids, and stagnant lymph fluid [i]. Bodywork regulates the flow of qi, blood & fluids to release these materials and allow the body to heal itself.

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Cupping with Anita Shannon LMBT

Cupping (suction) is an ancient modality. This video series demonstrates Massage -Cupping, a modern version for plantar fasciitis, scar tissue, adhesions etc.

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What is Tui Na Massage?

Tuina (hands) may be integrated or a stand-alone treatment. The style from the Kototama Inochi lineage is carried on in NM by Dr. Jeffery Meyers DOM).

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Dr. Jennifer Meyer Kinesio Taping

Kinesio-Taping lifts the skin to form convolutions under the skin to increase space, alleviate pain, reduce pressure & swelling for better blood & lymphatic flow.

Shoni Shin bodywork technique is for pediatric health & wellness. Children naturally  yield into this very gentle  touch. It is powerful for them because their qi is vibrant and easy to access.

[i] Shannon, A. (2011). Medicupping: CAM application for Vacu-therapies. Retrieved from www.massagecupping.com/medicupping-cam-applications-for-vacutherapies-in-massage-bodywork/

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