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Intake Visit $45 ALL NEW PATIENTS Health history, exam, treatment.

1Hr Acupuncture $35 Acupuncture & other modalities. You have the option of $8.75 for each additional 15" of treatment as needed to get done all that can be done in one session. (Insurance bills in 15" increments).

30" Acupuncture $25 For minor complaints, or follow-up treatments.

Herbal Consult $35 Herbal therapy customized to your diagnosis, constitution with periodic follow-ups to monitor for progress.

Home Visit $45  For homebound, immobility, injury/ pain, stroke rehab, cold & flu etc. if within town limits with a clean & lit area for treatment.

AcuDetox / Seeds $5 National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol to support drugs & alcohol abstinence. Placement of ear seeds for several days between treatments.

Kinesio Taping®  $10 KT provides support & stability to muscles & joints, relieves inflammation & blood stasis. KT treats a variety of orthopedic, and neuromuscular conditions; or prolongs the benefits of other manual therapies. See www.kiinesiotaping.com.

Kototama Acupressure Massage $50. Full body meridian acupressure- Gentle, calming or invigorating form of diagnosis & physical therapy [no need to disrobe].

Medicare/Medicaid Clinic $15 (Sundays) Bring proof of Medicare/ Medicaid, or Disability. Cost of any herbs & supplements not included.

CDL/DOT - FMCSA Physical Exams $75 See HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE PHYSICAL EXAM. The Department of Transportation and the state of New Mexico train & certify DOMs to provide physical exams [and drug & alcohol testing] for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Compliance Support 877-231-7555. 

Specialty Solutions

Chinese Medicine Physical TherapiesTuina (hand), cupping [suction], gua sha [scraping], and moxa [radiant heat] techniques.

Auricular [ear] TreatmentEar treatments replaces a full body treatment in a shorter amount of time, or augments / prolongs the effects of body acupuncture.

Needless TreatmentUV light, acupressure, Teishin, or Shoni Shin [pediatric] techniques.

Scalp TreatmentStroke rehabilitation [combine with physical & occupational therapies].

BFA & HMI Trauma ProtocolsBattlefield Acupuncture (BFA) is used by the military for pain control in combat zones. 5 ear points are retained for 5" to 30". The Helms Medical Institute [HMI] Trauma Protocol helps manage PTSD. 6 ear points retained for 30" to 120" to regulate emotions, and sense of calm & safety.

Integrative Medicine for Chronic Liver DiseaseHelps manage quality of life with herbs, diet, supplements, acupuncture/ acupressure, qi gong etc.

Functional MedicineWellness Plans & Lab Tests

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