SpiritSpring Acupuncture & Herbs - What is a Treatment Like?
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How Many Treatments... Acupuncture & herbal therapies need to be done consistently for best results. How long depends on the compliant. It is rarely possible to do all that can or needs to be done all at once... acute symptoms, root cause, susceptibility, and self care at home.

Before Treatment
Eat & hydrate. Wear loose clothing. Do Not scrape you tongue please.

1st Visit & Follow-ups... On your first visit I spend time talking with you for a good treatment plan. Subsequent treatments are comprehensive or short, depending on the nature & severity of your complaint. Sometimes one visit is enough; other times more is needed- I will give you a prognosis.

During Treatment... You may lie down or sit. Usually no more than 10 needles are placed. Only non needle methods can be used too. No need to disrobe, unless it is necessary to access areas of the body for the use of special techniques. A friend or family member may accompany you.

How Does it Feel... Needles go in smoothy & gently. Qi sensations feels like tingling, water flowing, a breeze blowing, waves of twitching/ throbbing, dull ache, or heaviness; a "Feel Good" endorphin release etc. People can feel very relaxed, and falling asleep tells me you have entered a calm state of Rest & Recovery

Does it Hurt & Will I Bleed...  You may feel a tiny poking sensation only at the moment of a needle insertion. Rarely a site will bleed a tiny drop of blood- usually ear points- after a needle is removed.

After Treatment... The effects are immediate or may be noticed gradually over time. The healing process begins with better mood, energy & strength, quality sleep, and less pain.

Self-Care Instructions...cupping, moxabustion, acupressure, food as medicine, qi gong etc.

Any Reactions... Rarely dizziness, nausea, or weakness happens if you have not eaten or hydrated well prior. It may also indicate a need to modify the treatment style, duration, or modality. 

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