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NADA’s AcuDetox for D&A Abstinence
Rural Vets Seek Homemaker Benefit
Alternative Health Benefits for Vets
Gluten Part 3- Herbs
Gluten Part 2- Diet


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NADA’s AcuDetox for D&A Abstinence

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association ( certifies an ear acupuncture protocol to support drug & alcohol abstinence. This protocol, which is based in psychosocial & biological science and Chinese medical theory, is well researched as a non-verbal, pharmaceutical-free, and barrier-free approach to behavioral health.
Lincoln Hospital (Bronx, NY) was the first to eliminate the use of pharmaceuticals during in-patient acute detoxification when the NADA protocol was made available on-demand 24-hours a day.

Rural Vets Seek Homemaker Benefit

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Standard Medical Benefits Package includes Homemakers / Home Health Aides (H/HHA). H/HHAs help Veterans remain living safely in their own home alone, and/or allow respite for their existing caregivers.Are rural  Vets falling through the cracks as far as access to this benefit?

Eligible Vets qualify for the H/HHA benefit if s/he has infirmity of old age; or s/he may be of any age with an illness, injury or disability. The service can last for a few weeks or months, or indefinitely.

Alternative Health Benefits for Vets

The Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) is one of the biggest researchers, and supporters of alternative non-drug therapies for pain management, and mental health. The DVA ranks the evidence as "good quality" that non-drug therapies may be helpful in the management of acute or chronic post-traumatic spectrum disorders (PTSD), stress & distress, drug & alcohol addiction and more. Many Veterans are not aware of the alternative health programs available to them, nor what these programs entail.

Gluten Part 3- Herbs

As mentioned in Part 1, gluten sensitivity is easier to diagnose and treat than gluten intolerance in Western medicine. However, in Chinese medicine there are MANY herbal formulas to address this problem. They are composed of herbs that "Regulate Qi" and relieve "Food Stagnation". Ironically, "sprouted" grains & seeds, fruits, and fermentation are HEALING and indispensable:

fu xiao mai [wheat]

yi yi ren [pearl barley]is not believed to be allergenic

Gluten Part 2- Diet

Why is necessary to differentiate a Traditional Gluten-free Diet from a True Gluten–free Diet? 
[double click to expand video]

Gluten is a family of storage proteins found inallgrains. 
Bran is the outer coating, and inside the bran is the endosperm where the majority of gluten is found. Gluten serves to nourish the grain, but it also protects it from predation- noxious.

There are many families of grain proteins, gluten is just one family. In other words, alpha gliadin is not the only grain protein that causes problems.
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