Discovering Ylang Ylang
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Discovering Ylang Ylang

“A distinctly feminine oil…[ylang ylang] is passionate and alive with feeling…when you're needing to integrate and heal shadow elements of the Divine Feminine. It will activate the Divine Feminine's mysterious allure and capacity for living life fully. Ylang Ylang oil stimulates feelings of enjoyment and self confidence and can be helpful for overcoming performance anxiety…Often used in men's fragrances, Ylang Ylang supports a man's connection and expression of the feminine and intuitive side of his nature. Ylang Ylang oil may help neutralize defensive coping strategies that can lead to violent forms of communication. Ylang Ylang synchronizes the mind & emotions; softens fixed opinions, mental attitudes and judgments and promotes easy communications with others”  (Stiles). 

Ylang Ylang is “The Flower of Flowers”. I’ve tried other exotic floral EO in my personal fragrance repertoire but always came back to her.  My discovery was that she blends well with female chemistry, and makes me feel comfortable & safe in my female body. Ylang Ylang is perfect to wear in the company of other women, promoting camaraderie and trust. It seems to ease emotional tension from competition among women. It may prove beneficial when one is over-engaged in male-dominated, completive environments. It may be beneficial when males or females need to reunite with their feminine side. 

Ylang Ylang would be queen in a healing & empowering blend for women. Some female oils like jasmine and amber can be too powerfully erotic, or provocative to sit as queen. I have envisioned this blend because a person [male or female] does not have to experience emotional abuse or sexual trauma to have their female principle threatened. I feel the female principle is the use of our creative, intuitive & collaborative nature. It is the ability to be, feel & act according to natural rhythms rather than according to schedules, deadlines and unreasonable expectations. Hoffman writes, “Our thoughts should be creative and life-enhancing, open to free flow of intuition and imagination, not conceptually rigid…to stay open to the free flow of higher energies of our soul…without which health is impossible.” I believe that every day in our society the female principle is challenged, neglected, or insidiously damaged in some way- Ylang Ylang can help. 

I found Ylang Ylang one of the hardest oils to blend with because she starts out so overpowering. I thought her a picky queen who seemed to prefer blending with only the wearer’s body chemistry rather than with other lowly oils. Which ones would she accept into her realm? Basil and Ylang Ylang have a magnetic attraction. He seems to have the ability to soften her powerful presence, taking over some of her responsibility in the blend. Cinnamon, nutmeg & clove—all spices, blended well with her too. One source confirms, “Consider blending Ylang Ylang with … a spice or wood oil to soften its intoxicating floral essence”.  Davis says lemon or bergamot especially offset her manipulative sweetness. Indeed, she blends very well with bitter orange, begamot, lemon, vetiver and angelica, which is a nice personal perfume blend. Given time, Ylang Ylang, which is of the oriental-floral perfume category, does mellow out on her own from intense to a light & musky floral and enhances with age. As women should.

* Check your sources for cautions & considerations, and route & dosing before using EOs. Especially during pregancy; on small children & infants; the elderly & weak; and those with epilepsy & neuro-muscular diseases.

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