Garlic: The Fun Essential Oil!
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Garlic: The Fun Essential Oil!

Most people do not know about Garlic essential oil (EO). I wondered how I could make a post on Garlic short, yet fun & compelling because the aroma of Garlic EO in the bottle is so unbearably strong. How is one supposed to use it? Well... After tasting Garlic EO, really really tasty, I had the urge to make a butter sauce with it! No hassle of peeling… chopping… sautéing… then (Oops) burning garlic cloves in the skillet.   

Garlic-Butter Popcorn Sauce
  •  7.5 oz jar of Ghee (clarified butter) 
  •  Sea Salt to taste 
  •  3-5 drops Garlic EO to taste 
  •  2 T Dill herb (I like a lot) 
  • Cayenne pepper to taste (optional) 
  • Nutritional yeast  to taste (optional)  

Heat the entire jar of ghee in a water-bath in the crock-pot until ghee is soft but not melting/ separating. Mix in garlic EO, salt, dill, cayenne & nutritional yeast. Pour over popcorn, French bread, or let harden again for later use.

Garlic as a Home Remedy
...A friend called one day asking what to do for her cold & flu symptoms. I could tell on the phone that she did not have deep lung congestion/ cough— whooping  cough (regionally common).  She was not run-down with breathlessness, wheezing, malaise & fever--pneumonia?  She did not complain of aches, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea -- flu?  It seemed like the run-of-the-mill wind-cold invasion! So, I said drink abundant fluids and eat good ‘ole fashioned chicken soap with ALOT of  garlic  in it. She said “Oh yeah, I forgot about garlic.”               

How can one forget about Garlic?  It makes its way into our lives, without effort; inviting  itself  to care for us by virtue of its hardy taste & aroma. Garlic clove works so well to dispel common ills.  It contains allicin, 1 milligram of which is equivalent to 15 IU of penicillin. It promotes leukocytosis (immune-stimulating). It is anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-parasitic, an expectorant & diaphoretic. It is nutritious containing vitamins A (epithelial tissue integrity), B1, B2, selenium (antioxidant & liver detoxifier) & germanium (oxygenating). 

Garlic [Bulbus Alli Sativi], is called Da Suan in Chinese herbal medicine.  Classical Pearls says, the single-clove purple garlic from Sichuan, "is specifically recommended as the most effective single remedy for Gu syndrome. External treatment of Gu syndrome often involved the stimulation of all or some of the body’s thirteen demon points (gui xie) by burning moxa on garlic slivers".  Is this not similar to the legend of garlic warding off vampires? Gu syndrome encompasses parasitic infestation, Lyme disease, and psycho-emotions. Demons/ Gutoxins cause concurrent mind, body & constitutional degeneration due to ill will or sorcery. Two hidden evils [brain GU & gastrointestinal GU), could be interpreted as some type of parasitic infestation causing systemic & cerebral inflammation (Fruehauf).

Antiallergic Agents
ajoene  apigenin  citral  ferulic acid  kaempferol linalool  oleanolic acid  quercetin rutin.

Anti-flu Agents
2-vinyl-4h-1,3-dithiin, allicin caffeic acid, diallyl trisulfide, quercetin 

Antihistaminic Agents
apigenin, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, citral kaempferol, linalool, myricetin quercetin, rutin 

Antibacterial Agents
allicin, alliin allistatin i, allistatin ii, alpha phellandrene apigenin, caffeic acid , chlorogenic acid, diallyl disulfide, diallyl sulfide diallyl tetrasulfide, diallyl, trisulfide, endolysin ferulic acid, geraniol, kaempferol, muramidase myricetin, oleanolic acid, p-coumaric acid, p-hydroxy benzoic acid quercetin, rutin, aalicylic acid, lignin, sinapic acid ajoene, citral, linalool vanillic acid.

Anti-inflammatory /COX Inhibiting Agents 
2-vinyl-4h-1,3-dithiin  caffeic-acid kaempferol  oleanolic-acid  quercetin salicylic-acid  α-linolenic-acid  chlorogenic-acid ferulic-acid  linalool myricetin  vanillic-acid.

Antiviral Agents
ajoene  allicin allyl alcohol  apigenin  caffeic acid chlorogenic acid  ferullic acid  kaempferol  lignin  linalool myricetin  oleanolic acid  diallyl disulfide diallyl trisulfide  quercetin  rutin 

Anti-inflammatory Agents 
2-vinyl-4h-1,3-dithiin  ajoene apigenin  caffeic acid  kaempferol  salicylic-acid  ajoene allicin  Alpha linolenic acid  apigenin caffeic acid  chlorogenic acid .

Anti-pneumonia Agents 
2-vinyl-4h-1,3-dithiin, diallyl trisulfide 

Antipyretic Agents
Salicylates, Salicylic acid 

Expectorant Agents
2-vinyl-4H-1,3-dithiin beta phellandrene 

Immuno-stimulant Agents
allicin inulin, citral, geraniol, inulin, linalool alliin, alpha linolenic acid, ascorbic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, diallyl disulfide 

Analgesic/Anesthetic/Anti-nociceptive Agents
adenosine  allithiamin caffeic acid  chlorogenic acid  ferulic acid  jinalool  quercetin rutin  salicylic acid  

Cholesterol Lowering Agents
apigenin, adenosine ajoene allicin alliin campesterol diallyl-disulfide diallyl-trisulfide inulin lignin methyl-ajoene nicotinic-acid phytic-acid rutin s-allyl-cysteine-sulfoxide s-allyl-l-cysteine s-methyl-l-cysteine-sulfoxide taurine trigonelline 

Blood Pressure Lowering Agents glutathione querceitin allicin caffeic acid trans-ajoene apigenin asparagine caffeic acid chlorogenic acid citrulline kaempferol myricetin oleanolic acid 

alliin allixin allyl-mercaptan apigenin campesterol caffeic acid chlorogenic acid diallyl-disulfide diallyl heptasulfide diallyl hexasulfide diallyl pentasulfide diallyl sulfide diallyl tetrasulfide diallyl trisulfide ferulic acid glutathinone kaempferol lignin myricetin oleanolic acid p-coumaric acid p-hydroxy benzoic acid pentadecanoic acid phytic acid rutin s-allyl-cysteine-sulfoxide s-allyl-L-cysteine s-allyl-mercaptocysteine salicylic acid, sinapic acid taurine, vanillic acid ionol quercetin 

Anti-aggregant Agents
2-vinyl-4h-1,3-dithiin  adenosine  ajoene allicin  alliin allyl-methyl-trisulfide  apigenin  caffeic acid cycloalliin  ferulic acid  kaempferol methyl-allyl-trisulfide  allyl-trisulfide α-linoleic acid  phytic-acid  quercetin salicylates.

oleonolic acid  quercetin  ferulic acid kaempferol  myricetin  oleanolic acid  quercetin  quercetin 3 o  beta d glucoside rutin  salicylates  salicylic acid vanillic-acid 

Spelman, K. (2015). Network pharmacology: A paradigm buster. In Functional Medicine University, Module 10.

* Check your sources for cautions & considerations, and route & dosing before using EOs. Especially during pregancy; on small children & infants; the elderly & weak; and those with epilepsy & neuro-muscular diseases.

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