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The Otherside of TeaTree

Tea Tree essential oil (EO) is highly valued for its anti-microbial potency, while its psycho-spiritual properties are virtually unknown to most people. I for one never enjoyed Tea Tree's medicinal aroma, and was unlikely to explore further using it for its unique PMS chemistry; or blending/diluting it to explore any psycho-spiritual properties.

Tea Tree ( M. alternifolia) is most commonly known and used for its antimicrobial potency against bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasites. Recently, it has even been found to inhibit epidemic strains of MRSA[1]. With over 200 species of Melaleuca (M. alternifolia only one of them), there is undoubtedly natural variations in chemistry among them. So it is not unusual that there is standardization of its chemistry in order to insure the antimicrobial integrity of commercial products. Most of the Melaleucas grow in Australia, so it behooves the Australian government to be the caretaker of the reputation of their natural resource. On the back of a bottle of commercial Tea Tree EO it is states:

"The Australian standards require that the oil of Melaleuca alternifolia must be composed of less than 15% cineole and over 30% terpinen-4 ol. Our superior grade of essential oil is meticulously analyzed to ensure that it exceeds these levels of oil quality standards decreed by the Australian government. Our tea tree….qualifies for “Pharmaceutical Grade” as established by The Australian Tea Tree Industry Association". 

Cineole and terpinenol are the chemical constituents that make M. alternifolia anti-microbial as well as analgesic (and a small degree of potential toxicity). They also give it its harsh medicinal aroma. Distillers may alter Tea Tree EO to keep the percentages of cineole  and terpinenol   within the Australian governments standards. Standardizing only these two constituents may mitigate the overall benefit inherent to natural plant variation. According to Stewart (2006), Tea Tree contains three chemical constituents called phenols, monoterpenes & sesquetepens in a naturally occurring ratio that makes it one of the most beneficial EO for general health & well being.

According to Stewart Phenols, Monoterpens & Sesqueterpenes individually have deep physiologic healing properties that are enhanced when they are combined in certain ratios [2]. He has coined this a PMS blending technique. Tea Tree EO is unique in that it already contains these three chemical constituents in perfect harmony:

10-50% Phenols (or Ketones, or Alcohols)
These constituents all cleanse cellular receptor sites (e.g. hormonal) for better cellular function and general health. Alcohols are gentle cleansers thus higher concentrations are needed. Tea Tree contains 63% [2].

10-60% Monoterpenes
This constituent restores and/or corrects cellular information at the DNA level [2].

3-20% Sesqueterpenes
This constituent deletes bad information at the DNA level [2].

Very little is written about the psycho-spiritual potential of the Melaleuca species. I serendipitously encountered a Tea Tree EO that revealed to me the balanced chemistry that Stewart alludes to. Although the bottle read M. alternifolia, it had a soft woody/floral loveliness that was not medicinal at all, and it had a powerful balancing effect on my psyche. I think that this particular sample was unique & exceptional- perhaps a different species. However, I have come to value anointing with any Tea Tree for its psycho-spiritual effects:

"This one [Tea Tree] is going into the hara center, spiraling the energy in. This is drawing the energy in through the hara, bringing in vital forces for the whole body... moving the energy along the CNS from the hara... spreading out through the nerve channels... working on the CNS... through the hara center. It’s also working on the thymus. It’s very empowering to the immune system. It’s drawing the energy in... connecting all the chakras in, and circulating the energy right along the CNS. This one is very balancing to the CNS. It’s moving right along the etheric core – right through the center of the whole being" — Star Johnsen-Moser [3].

I blend 1 drop of Tea Tree EO in 8 oz or more of purified water. I bottle it in an  aerosol container, which I shake vigorously for a few seconds. EOs should be used in 3% or less dilution for psycho-spiritual  use (3 to 10% dilutions for the physical level). This is called a "homeobotanical remedy" that is similar to classical homeopathic remedies which are also potentized by shaking (succussion). Homeobotancials are different than homeopathics in that both the homeopathic AND physical benefits of the remedy are accessible. They work at the vibrational level (etheric body) just outside the physical body. This energy level supports the body in returning to balance physically and energetically. (Silver, 2014). 

A homeobotanical preparation of Tea Tree EO seems ideal because its psycho-emotional energy works "right along the etheric core",  while its physical properties work at a core cellular level (according to Stewart).

* Check your sources for cautions & considerations, and route & dosing before using EOs. Especially during pregancy; on small children & infants; the elderly & weak; and those with epilepsy & neuro-muscular diseases.

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     of essential oils on methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus using a dressing  model.  Retrieved
[2] Stewart, D. (2006). The chemistry of essential oils made simple; God’s love
     manifest in molecules. Missouri: Care Publications.
[3] Earth Angel Oils. Tea tree; Energetic effects. Retrieved from

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