Adrenal Exhaustion Blend
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Adrenal Exhaustion Blend

I love this blend! It is balancing—pulling back when in over-drive, lending an extra spark-plug when lagging behind, and support when stalling-out. It is happy & reminiscent of the wilderness. I combined Traditional Chinese medicine & 5 Element theory with anthroposophy blending techniques. Anthroposophy is the use of the spiritual & energetic properties of botanicals; and the Doctrine-of-Signatures- the properties of plant parts, constituents & botanical families according to how they appear in nature etc:

6 drops cedarwood Texas (Juniperus ashei): tonify adrenals
5 drops pine (Pinus sylvestrus): adrenal fatigue
3 drops grapefruit & lemon: nourishes Kidney essence
3 drops vetiver: nourishes blood, essence & yin
drops cedarwood atlas (Cedrus atlantica)nourish yin, tonify Kidney
2 drops tuberose: shen
drop  patchouli: nourishes Heart & Kidney yin
drop  black spruce: tones qi, Lungs & Kidney yang
drop  Frankincense rivea (boswellia rivea): activates the Po

According to the  Doctrine-of-signatures, conifers like pine, cedarwoods, and black spruce benefit cellular respiration, which is the ability of each cell to absorb, store & use oxygen. The adrenals need a large amount of oxygen. Thus, the conifer EOs are best used via inhalation. 

"The firs, spruces and pines essentially possess...fresh-herbaceous notes that uplift, stimulate and invigorate. Working through the nervous and endocrine system (including the brain) revive one's energies, strength, motivation, warmth and stamina. At the same time they tend to refresh, clarify and open up space (in every sense of the word)...In the often emotionally draining or confusing times...they are solid, steadfast, and dependable" (Holmes).

The quality of shen (spirit) shining through one's eyes is diagnostic in Chinese medicine. As it applies to aromatherapy blending, this means how you feel, behave, and appear to others when you smell an essential oil (EO). Your shen is indicative of how "right" an EO is for your constitution. My shen responds powerfully to the aroma of Texas or Mountain cedarwood, which also benefits the adrenals, so I put it high upon the list. It has the same aroma as cedar shavings in a gerbil cage, or cedar chips to ward off moths in closets. If not a pleasant aroma to you, then just use Pine as King in this formula. 

"The two main true cedarwoods seen today are the Atlas and the Himalaya varieties. which are centering, grounding, strengthening, and relaxing...Rather than elevate and stimulate one's energies, they instead descend and calm, center, and balancing. They are there when our world seems to amount to just one big overwhelming experience, or when our mind is exploding with a million ideas...helping dissolve acute emotions, as well as reinforce emotional boundaries" (Holmes). 

In 5 Element Theory, when one wants to tonify an organ system, one tones its mother on the Sheng (generating cycle). The Lungs (metal) are the mother of the Kidneys (water). Pine (Pinus sylvestrus) tonifies the Lungs. “Pine will be a wonderful addition to any ‘pick me up’ blend, refreshing & reviving both the physical & mental spirit… When you are exhausted, but can't stop to rest, Pine can restore energy & balance. A specific for nervous exhaustion & debility… cleansing, healing & antidepressant” (Nature’s Gift).

Pine is from the Pinaceae botanical family. The Anthroposophic energy of this botanical family is qi accumulation & storage via the breath (prana). This makes pine an adrenal restorative vs. an adrenal stimulant, which exhaust energy reserves. The Anthroposophic energies are: 

  • air, water & wood (opening, centering & energizing)
  • woody parts of pine contain a predominance of monoterpenes for support & energy. Wood of any botanical family is earth (roots), water, or fire (e.g. oleo-resins) and impart physical, emotional, or spiritual strength.
  • needles, the leafy part of pine, contains a predominance of sesqueterpenes, which benefits metabolic fluid balance. Leaves of any botanical benefit the lungs when they predominate in air (e.g. pine, fir, black spruce, myrtle, eucalyptus, ravensera etc.). 

Tuberose & Vetiver
Rare & Exotic floral EOs also affect the shen. They are exceptional at "glossing the mind" (intoxicating & pampering) in tiny amount- just a whiff. Choose any rare & exotic floral EO of your liking to fill this purpose in the blend. I love Tuberose, which is said to improve ones capacity for emotional depth, stimulates the right brain, and brings peace to the mind & heart. Beneficial when there has been acute emotional or sensory overstimulation (Holmes).Vetiver further grounds the shen (spirit) after traumatic events that has scattered one's qi. 

Patchouli, Lemon & Grapefruit
Patchouli oil enhances the aroma of the conifer & citrus (lemon & grapefruit) essential oils. Lemon is a general antidepressant. Grapefruit tonifies jing and restores a youthful optimism towards life. 

The oleo- resin is balm for the soul. Its warming fire/solar energy is an affirmation of joy & laughter to dispel gloom. The rivea species is less drying, and is higher in alpha pinene & limonene for the physical lung. I use this species for the emotional Lung (the Po), which is frequently in distress when one feels down.

In this blend, there is leaf, grass, resin, flower & fruit - but no roots or seeds to complete an anthroposophy circuit. Angelica root and coriander seed could be added.

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