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Stress Management

People of all ages and walks of life experience acute & chronic stress that result in anxiety & depression, and somatic complaints such as pain.Stress management is core to healing!

I recently interned at a hospital-based pain & stress clinic where I received the same acupuncture treatments given to patients. What I realized from this experience was that while we have an accurate perspective on our acute stressors, we do not have insight into our chronic stress. Stress is not just psycho-emotional in nature but encompasses stressors that are structural, immunological, hormonal, metabolic, nutritional, toxicological /infectious and genetic in nature.

10-Point Vaccine Backup Plan

The vaccine issue has come full circle. Community, public, and world health organizations have done their job at the population health level to decrease the global incidence and prevalence of vaccine-preventible diseases- even eradicating some. It is now our job at the individual level. Meaning, even if only 1/ 100,000 children has an adverse reaction to a vaccine [the number needed to harm/ NNH];that one child is still that family's one-in-a-million!!

If vaccinating, delaying/ partially vaccinating or not vaccinating, also have a back-up plan for prevention & intervention.

Inflammatory Pain

Inflammation is a protective nonspecific response to such things as injury, infection, chemicals & toxins, foreign bodies, autoimmune responses etc. Inflammation may produce pain, swelling, redness, blisters, pus, ulcers, necrotic or fibrous tissue. It proceeds in a sequential and orderly fashion until resolution of the problem.Except when it does not- resulting in permanent tissue dysfunction from scarring, or chronic inflammation. Sequence:

  1. vasodilatation (redness & heat)

Vitamin D: The Right Dose

Got vitamin D from sunshine and diet? If not, are you taking the proper dose of a vitamin D supplement?

These are good questions to ask given the emerging role vitamin D potentially plays in health maintenance, and disease prevention. This includes improving bone mass density, enhancing immunity against respiratory infection; decreasing the risk for diabetes, certain cancers, and cardiovascular disease; preventing bone spurs in osteoarthritis. Vitamin D is actually a hormone [cholecalciferol], but will be referred to as a vitamin throughout this article.

Sinusitis: Antibiotics or Herbs?

The Infectious Disease Society of America advises against the routine use of antibiotics for acute sinusitis, because most cases are viral [i]. 

Symptom relief for viral sinusitis include hydration, Tylenol or NSAIDS, warm or cool compresses & steam inhalation; topical decongestants, steroids, and anticholinergics. There is inconsistent evidence that zinc, or vitamins C and E help. And there is poor evidence for the benefits of saline spray & irrigation, and antihistamines.
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